Cook Islands Kukicast

A Young Adventurer on Penrhyn/Tongareva

July 17, 2023 John Roberts/Tom Robinson Episode 1
Cook Islands Kukicast
A Young Adventurer on Penrhyn/Tongareva
Show Notes

24 year old Tom Robinson from Brisbane, Australia is on an 8,000 nautical miles voyage from Peru to Australia aiming to become the youngest person ever to row single-handed across the Pacific.   He's  spending 12 months a tiny boat he designed and built himself and making landfall along the way to resupply and explore th​e cultures of the South Pacific.  Tom ended up on Penrhyn (Tongareva) in the Cook Islands  by sheer chance after being blown off course and that's where I caught up with him. He gives a unique insight into this remote, unspoiled and rarely visited tropical paradise and explains why he wants his remarkable adventure to inspire others.

Tom shares more of his impressions and pictures of his time on Penrhyn on my website  at Penrhyn, Cook Islands - "a slice of paradise"

My website is the most detailed guide on the net at Cook Islands complete guide

Whether you're planning a visit or just armchair travelling, you'll discover stories of buried treasure, ghostly fire, real-life Robinson Crusoes and the mafia, and a wealth of useful information. 'Around the Corner from Nowhere: The Cook Islands Rediscovered' is available as an ebook ( or paperback ( through Amazon. All profits are donated to dementia charities.

I'm a retired BBC radio and TV journalist and presenter who's been having a long distance love affair with the Cook Islands for nearly 40 years and I've featured in media worldwide as an acknowledged expert on this remote islands nation

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